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The Transportation Department operates 38 regular school buses traveling 2,500 miles transporting approximately 1,600 students daily. Our buses are maintained and operated by qualified and caring school bus drivers, safety assistants and transportation staff with the highest regard for the safety of our students. The department also operates 15 activity buses providing transportation for school athletics and field trips.

School buses are provided to transport students who live more than one and one-half miles away from the school, provided the students live on a state and locally-approved bus route. Students living closer than one and one-half miles may be provided with transportation if there is space available on the bus. Convenience arrangements may be accommodated provided space is available and proper arrangements are made in advance.

Bus Rules & Regulations

Passing a stopped school bus is dangerous and illegal.  Make sure you know when to stop and when it's OK to go.

School Bus Stop Law Chart


Josh Francis

(828) 586-2311 ext. 1802

Brandon Price

Shop Foreman
(828) 586-2311 ext. 1803

Woody Dotson

Transportation Coordinator
(828) 586-2311 ext. 1801

Bus Garage

57 Success Avenue
Sylva, NC 28779
(828) 586-2456