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The Student Support Center is home to the School Counselors, Freshman Academy, Student Academic Records, and Student Support Specialist. We are here to address and support the needs of our students and their families. We maintain open lines of communication between students, faculty, parents/families, and the community. Below is a brief description of the services we provide. All Student Support Center staff are dedicated to helping students find success in school. If there is anything that we can do to help you take care of problems, accomplish goals, and be successful, please don't hesitate to let us know!


Academic Records

Student Support Center staff can assist you with access to the Parent Portal, transcripts, report cards, cumulative records, etc. If you have a question about your student’s current grades, we recommend that you contact your student’s teacher. For more information about academic records contact Derinda Morgan.

Freshman Academy

The Freshman Academy was designed by SMHS faculty and administration specifically to help our students with important transition from 8th grade to 9th grade. The academy has three main components: freshman core classes and teachers, the freshman incentive program, and the freshman coordinator. For more information check out the Freshman Academy page, or contact freshmen counselor, Stacy Macke.


School Counseling

As school counselors, we are dedicated to assisting all of our students in reaching their full potential. We work to address the needs of our students by helping them in career planning and exploration, knowledge of self and others, and educational/vocational development through individual planning, counseling curriculum, responsive services, individual counseling, and support services. These services include but are not limited to assistance with class schedules, college applications, financial aid, scholarships, academic/social/personal counseling, peer mediation, etc. For information contact your student’s school counselor:
All Freshmen: Stacy Macke
Grades 10-12, Last names A-K: Kaye Anderson
Grades 10-12, Last names L-Z: Paige Brooks.

Student Support Specialist

The student support specialist can assist you with questions about meeting your student’s needs, behavioral support, and crisis interventions. The student support specialist acts as the school’s liaison to community services and can provide referrals when needed. The student support specialist also provides assistance with behavior interventions and assists with ongoing social-emotional counseling needs.


Fax: (828) 586-2374

Derinda Morgan

Data Manager
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2501

Sylvia Morgan

Administrative Assistant
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2500

Kaye Anderson

School Counselor
10th-12th Grades, Last Names A-K
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2505

Paige Brooks

School Counselor
10th-12th Grades, Last Names L-Z
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2504

Stacy Macke

School Counselor
All Freshmen
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2502

Steve McRae

Student Support Specialist
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2600