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Smart Lunch

Students in the 21st century need non-traditional learning opportunities that meet their needs. To help provide these opportunities, Smoky Mountain High School implemented a Smart Lunch program during the 2015-2016 school year.

Smart Lunch is an extra period in the middle of the day that combines the lunch schedule with opportunities for participating in tutoring, clubs, and other activities. This provides students with time built into the school day that they can use to their own benefit with almost no reduction in lunch or class time.

Smart Lunch provides the opportunity for instructional differentiation in small, targeted groups that can focus on specific curriculum, work or study skills, or provide time for homework and projects. Tutoring and remediation take precedence over all other Smart Lunch options to insure additional access to the curriculum and the teacher during the school day for students who need this help.

For more information about the Smart Lunch program, please call the school at 586-2177.