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At Smoky Mountain High School, we believe that caring teachers can transform the school experience for any student. Making connections, demonstrating genuine concern, and creating a classroom environment that promotes mutual respect is what drives our faculty in their quest to help all students be successful.

Starting with rising freshmen, the “Day in the Life” program brings eighth graders onto our campus to experience high school student life. Then, continuing throughout the next four years, in-school tutoring and remediation, honors and AP courses, and an exceptional selection of career and college-bound programs show that our faculty and staff are here for one purpose: the success of our students.

For more information about any of these innovative programs, please call us at (828) 586-2177.


Dr. April Avery-Ferguson

Lead Teacher
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2319

Stacy Macke

School Counselor
10th-12th Grade,
Last Names A-K
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2502

Paige Jeleniewski

School Counselor
10th-12th Grade,
Last Names L-Z
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2504

Amy Fahey

School Counselor
All Freshmen
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2505

Steve McRae

Student Support Specialist
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2600

Jackie Methven

Media Coordinator
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2400