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Choral Music & Theatre

The Choral and Music Theatre program at Smoky Mountain High School includes mixed Chorus classes, Show Choir, a cappella, Musical Theatre, Spring Musical Play Production, Piano, and Acting classes. We are a performance-based department, and we build toward student success in all areas of performance. All interested students are encouraged to enroll in classes, clubs, and organizations that promote choral music and the art of singing.

Mixed Chorus Show Choir 1

This class provides all genres of music, music technology, music theory, and music performance for students. Any student interested in choral music is encouraged to enroll. This class participates in annual State and National choral adjudication events.

Mixed Chorus Show Choir 2

This class is an advanced version of Show Choir 1. This class is for the more serious students interested in all areas of choral music learning and performance; to include music technology, music theory, and music performance. These students participate in State and National music festivals and competitions each year.

Musical Theatre Class

This class provides students who are interested in learning about all that accompanies Broadway musicals, songs, reviews, behind the scenes, in front of the curtain, and all production areas are taught and experienced. This is a hands on class that requires students to use critical thinking skills. Performance is a big element of this class.

Play Production Class

This class produces the Spring Musical. From Cast auditions through closing night, these students learn and experience what it takes for a successful production from start to finish. They will help fundraise, design and build sets, create lighting and sound effects, help with costumes, help with auditions, sell tickets, hand out programs, move sets on and off the stage. Some of these students will also be in the Cast of the musical. This is a hands on class. Everyone is required to help with all areas of set design and building.

A Cappella Class

This is a choir for all voices. They work on music that requires no instrumental accompaniment. This class meets during our Smart Lunch period.

Piano Class

This class is for students interested in learning to play the piano, or improving their piano skills. The class also includes music theory components. This class is part of our Smart Lunch period and is taught by our accompanist Anne Schwabland.

Drama Club / Acting Class

Students interested in learning the many aspects of acting and performance are encouraged to participate. Acting elements are taught and students have the opportunity to perform what they have learned. Drama Club is part of our Smart Lunch Period.


Linda Haggard

Choral Teacher
(828) 586-2177 ext. 2750