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Advanced Courses

Schools are required to provide information to students and parents on available opportunities and the enrollment process for students to take advanced courses. Available courses may vary by school. For information about what advanced courses are offered at Smoky Mountain High and for information on how to register for advanced courses, contact the Student Support Services office.

Career and College Promise

In January 2012, the North Carolina legislature implemented a new college enrollment option for junior and senior high school students called Career and College Promise. This initiative replaced all other dual-enrollment initiatives such as Huskins and Learn and Earn Online. Through this program, students have two main ways to earn college credits.

The first is through the College Transfer Pathway program where students can take general education courses leading to an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science. The second way is through various Career Technologies programs including accounting, automotive, business administration, e-commerce, carpentry, computer information technology, cosmetology, culinary arts, early childhood, electrical/electronics technology, emergency medical science, HVAC, medical assisting, networking technology, nursing assistant, office administration, web technologies, and welding technology.

College Credit in High School


Jackson County Public Schools partners with Southwestern Community College and Western Carolina University to provide opportunities for juniors and seniors to receive college credit while in high school at little or no cost to the student or family. All students who want to enroll in post-secondary education for high school credit must have prior approval of the principal.

Students who participate in programs at Southwestern Community College and/or Western Carolina University are subject to each institution's student handbooks while participating in those programs.

Articulated Community College Credit

Students who complete certain Career and Technical Education courses will be eligible to receive articulated community college credit for those courses. To obtain credit, a student must earn a course grade of A or B and achieve an acceptable score on the post assessment. Students taking advantage of articulated credit courses must enroll in community college within two years of high school graduation. Examples of the kinds of high school courses that articulate include: Foods II, Parenting and Child Development, Early Childhood Education I, Early Childhood Education II, Medical Science I, Medical Science II, Allied Health Science I, Allied Health Science II, Computer Applications I, Computer Applications II.

Additional College Option

Students who wish to attend college on a full-time basis after completing the 11th grade will be recommended by the principal to a college if he/she has either a 3.5 or better GPA (or be ranked in top 10% of class) and achieves an acceptable SAT or ACT score for attending the university/school. Other course requirements and testing requirements must be met. Students who go to college on an early admission basis will not be recommended for scholarships supervised by the school nor included in class ranking. Students will be responsible for college costs.

NC Academic Scholars Program

Students who complete the requirements for an academically challenging high school program will be designated as North Carolina Academic Scholars and receive special recognition at graduation exercises as well as a seal attached to their diplomas. North Carolina Academic Scholars may be considered for scholarships from the local and state business/industrial community. In addition, students may use this special recognition in applying to post-secondary institutions. All courses must be taken in a North Carolina high school. In addition, students must have an overall, four-year, unweighted GPA of 3.500, meet all requirements for NC high school diploma, and meet all requirements of this North Carolina Academic Scholars Program. To determine qualifications, check the appropriate chart below. Specific requirements depend on the year the student entered ninth grade.

NC Academic Scholars Program Requirements (Future Ready Core)


English I,II,III,IV


Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and a higher level math course with Algebra II as prerequisite)


Science (Chemistry or Physics, Biology, and an Earth/Environmental Science course)


Social Studies (World History, Civics/Economics, and American History I and American History II)


Languages other than English ( two credits of the same language)


Two (2) elective credits in a second language required for the UNC System. Four (4) elective credits constituting a concentration recommended from one of the following, CTE, JROTC, Art, Second Languages, any other subject area.


Higher level courses taken during junior and/or senior years which carry 5 or 6 quality points such as: AP, IB, Dual or college equivalent course, Advanced CTE/CTE credentialing courses, on-line courses, other honors or above designated courses.


Higher level courses taken during junior and/or senior years which carry 5 or 6 quality points such as AP, IB, dual or college equivalent course, Advanced CTE/CTE credentialing courses, on-line courses, other honors or above designated courses and completion of the North Carolina Graduation Project.

Total: 24
Or 23 + NCBP
Note: Adopted by the State Board of Education in July 2009. The above chart is a single plan applicable to students who enter the 9th grade for the time in or after 2009-2010.


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