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Grading Scale & Class Rank Information

Grading Scale

A = 90-100Excellent
B = 80-89Very Good
C = 70-79Satisfactory
D = 60-69Low
F = 59-50Unsatisfactory

There will be no quarterly grade below 50. Consistency and fairness in all grading practices is encouraged.

Quality Points

New standards for quality points take effect in the 2015-16 year. These new standard are directed by the NC General Assembly and subsequent actions by the UNC Board of Governors and the State Board of Community Colleges. The new quality point standards only affect night graders in the fall of 2015-16 and all students entering high school after that year according to the effective policy date adopted by the State Board of Education. This change does not affect students who will be in grades 10-13 in 2015-16. The new quality point standard will provide an additional 0.5 quality point to Honors classes and 1.0 additional quality point to Advanced Placement (AP) and appropriate community college and university courses taken in high school.

The conversion of grades to quality points is standardized. Grades and the corresponding number of quality points are shown below.

Incompletes and Failures

Students with "Incomplete" or "Failure" for a course will have until the following semester to complete the course requirements or the student will not receive credit. Additionally, students may receive a grade of "FF" in a course when he/she accumulates greater than five (5) unexcused absences (3 tardies = 1 absence). The grade of "FF" will be recorded until the student completes "make-up time." Failure to make-up time due to absences will result in a failed course grade and will be included on the student's final transcript. Students who fail a class one semester are not guaranteed the opportunity to repeat that course the next semester due to scheduling constraints.

Class Ranking

Calculations for class rank are based on a standardization of academic course levels; grading scales; and the weighting of course grades. The class rank is based on a weighted grade point average (GPA) in which a single (1) quality point or weight is added to passing grades earned in Honors courses or two (2) quality points are added to passing grades earned in Advanced Placement courses for students that entered high school prior to 2015-16 school year. For students entering high school 2015-16 and beyond, 0.5 quality point will be added to passing grades for Honors courses and 1.0 quality point will be added to passing grades for Advanced Placement (AP) and appropriate college courses taken while in high school.

Course Level and Associated Weight Criteria:

Beginning with the class of 2009, classification will be based on years of attendance. Students may not be classified as seniors until they have 19 credits and are eligible for graduation at the end of the academic year.