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Student Support Services

School Counselor

We provide students with weekly guidance classes and small group instruction. Students learn many things related to social awareness, stress relief techniques, anti-bullying behavior, and more. Our guidance counselor is available to meet with students individually as specific concerns arise. If there is a concern that may need more intensive attention, the guidance counselor may contact the parent for a Meridian Referral.

Resource: http://meridianbhs.org/

Our guidance program also serves as the liaison between 8th grade students and the high school. Field trips and initial interest surveys for registration are arranged by this student support service.

Heather Bullock, School Counselor

School Nurse

Our school nurse is available twice a week. Our office staff and teachers are trained to assist students in medication administration.

Beth Brooks, Receptionist and Bookkeeper

Social Worker

Our social worker serves as a liaison between the school setting and services that are available for student and their families through outside agencies. Attendance is very important to a student’s academic growth and success. Questions and concerns about attendance are handled through the Social Worker.

The social worker also serves as the 504 Case Manager.

Jolene Sneed, Social Worker


Theresa Sutton

School Nurse
(828) 497-5535 ext. 1724

Jolene Sneed

Social Worker
(828) 497-5535 ext 1750