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Academically & Intellectually Gifted

Jackson County Public Schools supports and engages all learners. Our AIG program serves students in grades K-12 who manifest the ability to learn well beyond the expected level of their peers. Students in grade K-3 receive differentiated services within the regular classroom setting from the regular teacher.

Identification: All third-grade students are screened in the spring using the Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test to identify those who exhibit high cognitive ability. In addition, teachers are asked to refer students who perform at high levels in their classroom.

Students at any grade level beyond third grade may be referred by a teacher, a parent, or themselves for additional testing or consideration by each school’s committee.

Procedure to Disagree: Please refer to the JCPS Local AIG Plan for more information.


For more information, contact your school or:
Laura Dills
(828) 586-2311 ext. 1950