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Middle School Information

The information below is a collection of survey and study data related to consideration of a grades 6-8 middle school model for Jackson County Public Schools.  Inquiries about any of the information on this page should be made to the superintendent's office.   

Architectural Study

In 2018, the Jackson County Board of Education directed Cort Architectural Group to study alternative proposals for JCPS facilities.  The results of the study were presented in this presentation on July 16, 2018.

Other Documents:

Community Survey

In October 2018, an online survey was conducted to gauge community interest in adopting a middle school model for JCPS.    There were 914 respondents.  The results of the survey are below.

Parent Survey

In April 2019, a paper survey was sent home with every JCPS student.  The survey stated the assumptions that grades PreK-5 would remain at their current locations and grades 6-8 would be moved to a new middle school.  The results of the survey are below.

Funding Forum

In February 2020, the Jackson County Board of Education held a public work session that included an overview of funding sources for education.  The information discussed is included in these  slides.