Jackson County Public Schools District Information

Our Schools


Fairview School is located at 251 Big Orange Way, Sylva, NC. Fairview School has approximately 800 students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. There are about 60 staff members who work at Fairview.

Fairview School opened in 1974 with the new concept of an open pod school. We have open pods in 1st through 6th grades. Our Kindergarten and 7th and 8th grades are housed in the newer rectangular buildings that have been added during the last 15 years.

Fairview School is a great place for students to learn. We have a great staff of teachers, assistants, school counselor, social worker, speech pathologist, media coordinator, etc. who are excited to teach students every day. We practice Positive Behavior as the basis for our discipline philosophy and the ways that we treat each other with respect. Our discipline motto is to respect learning, others, ourselves, and property. Teachers spend time teaching students what these mean and how they look during our days at school.