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Student Transfers

Parents or guardians may request an assignment for their children to a school outside of their regular attendance area. Such a request must be submitted in writing to the superintendent. The superintendent shall consider and make a determination based upon the best interest of the child, the orderly and efficient administration of the public school, the proper administration of the school to which assignment is requested and the instruction, health and safety of the pupils there enrolled. The request is contingent upon space available in the requested school. The parent is responsible for transportation.

Students whose legal residence changes from one school assignment area to another within the school system during the same school year may choose and request to remain in the same school or attend school in the area to which they have moved. If they elect to remain in the first school, and the transfer is approved, the student will be assigned to the first school for as long as they remain in school.

The superintendent shall consider requests for student transfers to another school during the school year based upon space availability, the needs of the child, the effect on the school to which the transfer is requested, principal recommendations and other criteria established by the superintendent.

Students who attend a school outside their attendance area are expected to arrive and depart on the regular schedule. In the event a student habitually fails to observe the regular school schedule, the principal has the authority to make a recommendation to the superintendent that the student return to the school in the attendance area in which he/she resides. If a student develops serious behavioral problems, then it is possible the student will have to return to the home district school.

Student Transfer Request Form


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