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Accidental Damage Coverage

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Jackson County Public Schools
Optional JCPS Accidental Damage Coverage Agreement

Upon execution and return of the Student Device User Agreement, Jackson County Public Schools (“JCPS”) will assign one (1) Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e device and related hardware and software (collectively “Equipment”) to the student listed herein. The Equipment is intended to be used only by the student to whom it is issued and may only be used and operated in a careful and proper manner and in accordance with JCPS policies.

The student’s parent/guardian is responsible for all replacement costs associated with the Equipment. To offset a portion of the replacement cost due to accidental damage, parents/guardians and/or students may purchase this optional, non-refundable Accidental Damage Coverage.

Premium: $40 per student, per school year, expiring June 30, 2017

Deductible. Each Accidental Damage Coverage claim is subject to a deductible that is not cumulative and shall increase with each accidental damage claim over the course of a single school year. The deductible will reset at the beginning of each school year.

1st Claim: $25
2nd Claim: $50
3rd Claim: $75
4th Claim: $100

For each accidental damage claim, the parent/guardian shall pay the designated deductible amount for that particular accidental damage claim OR the actual replacement cost, whichever is less. Any remaining cost will be covered by JCPS.

The chart below lists actual replacement costs if JCPS Accidental Damage Coverage is NOT purchased:

Device and AC Adapter Replacement$450
Device Replacement$400
AC Adapter, 45W$50
System Board and CPU$280
LCD Screen and Bezel$280
Solid State Drive (128GB)$160
Bottom Cover$95
Top Cover$80
Keyboard Bezel$75

A maximum of four (4) accidental damage claims will be covered each school year for a single student. After the fourth (4th) claim, the student’s parent/guardian shall be responsible for all replacement costs for the remainder of that school year. JCPS Accidental Damage Coverage may be purchased again the following school year.

Good Care Discount. The annual per-student renewal premium for JCPS Accidental Damage Coverage is subject to a discount for each consecutive school year that no claims are made during the lifecycle of the Equipment. After each year of coverage, the annual renewal premium will decrease by $10 per year if there are no accidental damage claims during the preceding school year.

Year 1: $40
Year 2: $30
Year 3: $20

If an accidental damage claim is made, the Good Care Discount will not be available again for that particular student until new Equipment is issued to the student at the beginning of the next renewal cycle.

The annual per-student renewal premium for JCPS Accidental Damage Coverage will reset to the Year 1 rate at the beginning of each renewal cycle when a new device is issued to the student regardless of the number of accidental damage claims. The Good Care Discount does not affect or apply to deductible amounts.

Exclusions. The following items are NOT covered by JCPS Accidental Damage Coverage:

  • Battery
  • Lost or stolen Equipment
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged AC adapter
  • General wear and tear that occurs over the lifecycle of the Equipment.
  • Damage to the Equipment due to negligence, intentional misuse, abuse, or vandalism as determined by school administration.
  • Damage to the Equipment due to a violation of JCPS policies or neglecting the Student Responsibilities set forth in the Student Device User Agreement.
  • Damage to the Equipment caused by any individual other than the student to whom the Equipment is assigned.

Updated 1/9/2017