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Title I

Cullowhee Valley is a Title I School

  • This means we receive federal funds to provide extra help for all students at CVS.
  • These funds can be used for teachers, tutors, afterschool programs, books, supplies and materials.
  • It also provides opportunities for parents to receive training to help their child at school.

Cullowhee Valley Title I supports students through small group instruction.

  • Within the classroom, the teacher divides the class into small groups, usually 4 to 6 students.
  • Each group works with their teachers at the student’s individual reading level.
  • For children who need a little extra boost, students are pulled from the classroom by a tutor for additional small group instruction.
  • Lessons are tailored to fit the needs for that particular group.
  • Sample instructional lessons are…
    • Phonics-letters and sounds within words
    • Vocabulary-word meanings
    • Fluency-reading quickly and smoothly, “like we talk”
    • Comprehension-making sure students understand what they are reading
    • Written comprehension-being able to explain answers to comprehension questions in written form

Reading Comprehension skills that are taught and reinforced in title one include:

  • Fiction
    • Literal-being able to retell the story
    • Inference-understanding what the author wants you to know without actually saying it
    • Critical Thinking-defending opinions about the story, understanding what the author wants the reader to learn or feel after reading the story
  • Non-fiction
    • Main ideas
    • Text features-what is learned from the various features of the book or text

As a Title I school, we rely on a healthy partnership between school and home to ensure that our students are successful. We value that you are a critical part of your child’s school experience.

Opportunities for Parents to assist CVS Title I Program:

  • Parent Information Sessions
  • PTA & Title I Meetings
  • Volunteer in Schools/Classrooms


Jennifer Patten

Lead Teacher
Phone: (828) 293-5667 ext. 1420
Email: jpatten@jcpsmail.org