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Women's Basketball V JV
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Smoky Mountain

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Men's Basketball V JV MS
Women's Basketball V JV MS
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Women's Golf V
Men's Soccer V JV MS
Women's Soccer V JV MS
Softball V JV MS
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Track and Field V MS
Volleyball V JV MS
Wrestling V MS


Eligibility Requirements for High School Athletic Participation
(NCHSAA and Jackson County Public Schools)

  • Must be a properly enrolled student at the time you participate, must be enrolled no later than the 15th day of the present semester, and must be in regular attendance at that school.
  • Must have been in attendance for at least 85% of the previous semester at an approved school.
  • Must not have exceeded eight consecutive semesters of attendance or have participated more than four seasons in any sport since first entering grade 9. That includes only one sport season for a participant per academic year – you can’t play soccer in one season out of state and play it again upon moving to North Carolina in the same academic year.
  • Must not have graduated from high school.
  • Must be under 19 years of age on September 1st of that school year.
  • Must live with your parents or legal custodian within the school administrative unit. A student is eligible if he has attended school within that unit the previous two semesters (if eligible in all other respects) and meets LEA standards.
  • Must not falsify any official eligibility information such as residency/address. Penalty for such acts will result in loss of eligibility for 365 days.
  • Must have passed a minimum academic load during the previous semester, and meet local promotion standards. Students in a "block schedule" must pass three per semester and meet local promotion standards. These are courses for credit, not audited courses. Hybrid schedules have different requirements.
  • Seniors must also pass that minimum load, even if they need fewer for graduation.
  • Must have received a medical examination by a duly licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant within the previous 365 days; and if you miss five or more days of practice due to illness or injury, you must receive a medical release before practicing or playing. Students with potential head injuries must receive medical release by a physician before readmittance to practice or games.
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony, or an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult.
  • Must not accept, prizes, merchandise money or anything that can be exchanged for money as a result of athletic participation within the amateur rule limit. This includes being on a free list or loan list for equipment, etc.
  • Must not have signed a professional contract or have played for a college team of any sort.
  • May not receive team instructions from your school’s coaching staff during the school year outside your sport season (from first practice through the final game). Instruction is limited to coach and athletes in skill development sessions. These sessions in number are limited to one less than a team on a daily basis, and may not be held during certain prescribed “dead periods” of the year.
  • Must not be guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct, or ejected from the previous contest.
  • Must not practice or play during a school day (from the first contest through the conference tournament) unless superintendent gives permission due to inclement weather.
  • May not play, practice or assemble as a team with your coach on Sunday.
  • May not dress for a contest or practice if you are not eligible to participate.
  • Must not play more than three games in one sport per week, (some sports have exceptions) and no more than one contest per day (exception baseball, softball and volleyball).
  • Must not practice during a teacher workday, unless it is before the workday begins or after the workday ends.
  • Must meet the NCHSAA transfer requirement, if applicable.

Eligibility requirements for high school athletes can be viewed here.

Before practicing or trying out with any team, the following must be complete:

  • Meet all NCHSAA requirements
  • Complete the mandatory pre-participation form
  • Have a current physical completed on the NCHSAA Sports Physical Form on file
  • Complete all forms required for high school athletic participation