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Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Jackson County Schools serves well over 2,000 students each year in more than 38 different course curricula in Agriculture, Business, Career Development, Family & Consumer Science, Health Occupations, Technology, and Trade and Industrial Education. As well as providing a relevant and rigorous career and technical curriculum, CTE provides services in advising/counseling, college and career planning, special populations, work-based learning, and post-secondary preparedness. Through these endeavors, CTE in Jackson County promotes professional, industrial certifications and credentials such as Nurse Aide I (CNA), North Carolina Early Childhood Credentials, Microsoft IT Academy Credentials in Word and PowerPoint, Serv-Safe Certification (National Restaurant Association), Red Cross CPR/First Aid, North Carolina Hunter Safety Certification, NCCER Carpentry Certification, Adobe Academy, and OSHA 10-Hour Safety Certification.

Career and Technical Education courses in North Carolina are defined through the National Career Cluster Framework model which provides a vital structure for organizing and delivering quality CTE programming. The Career Cluster model divides courses into integral career pathways to help prepare students for career options as well as bridging secondary and post-secondary curriculum. Students may develop an individual plan of study within the career cluster that is specifically designed around his/her career goals and aspirations. Completion of a cluster is defined as completing four courses within one area (one of which must be a second level course, denoted with a superscript 2). Below, are the twelve career clusters and the associated courses within each cluster offered by Jackson County Schools (courses denoted with an asterisk are enhancement courses; only one enhancement course allowed per cluster).

For more information regarding specific programming at each school or to inquire about course offerings, please contact:
Angela Dills, Director of Career and Technical Education

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Angie Dills

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Traci West


Special Populations Coordinator
Career Development
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